WithSecure Elements Endpoint Protection

Trailblazing protection against modern malware and ransomware. 

WithSecureTM Elements Endpoint Protection provides you autonomous award-winning protection to stop modern threats from ransomware and never-before-seen malware to Zero Day vulnerability exploits. Get comprehensive security coverage for mobiles, desktops, laptops, and servers. Superior accuracy means less business disruption and IT work needed to recover. Filtered alerts and high levels of automation ensure maximum efficiency. Save your resources for the work that matters.

Autonomous protection around the clock means little manual work or expertise needed.

Prevent users falling for online threats including accessing malicious websites.

Block execution of applications and scripts accord-ing to rules created by our penetration testers, or as defined by your administrator.

Detect ransomware and prevent destruction and tampering of data with DeepGuard and DataGuard technologies.

Deploy security patches as they are released with fully automated patch management.

Prevent threats from entering or data leaking from your system via hardware devices.

Fight back against unseen threats and exploits with heuristic and behavioral analysis, advanced machine learning, and real-time threat intelligence.

Prevent rogue applications from accessing files and system resources without permission.


We know cyber security:  

30 years of experience fighting cyber crime with a research-led approach, proven by a solid track record of independent evaluations.

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