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Python System Design through SYNAQ offers a comprehensive solution to complement and enrich the email experience of all businesses, from SME’s to larger enterprises. SYNAQ’s Mail Management Suite (MMS) gives you everything you need for your businesses’ email requirements – from branding and security to compliance, with no changes to your existing infrastructure. Our solution is email-agnostic, so it will work with your existing email without requiring any additional integration or adaptation.

Why SYNAQ is better for your business

The Mail Management Suite provides you and your business with a feature-rich, user-friendly and cost-effective package that will keep your business email ecosystem up and running so you can focus on all of the features – your business. MMS comprises of the SYNAQ Securemail, Archiving, Branding and Continuity service offerings which boast all of the features, functionality and capabilities that businesses expect from feature-rich messaging delivered via the cloud.

SYNAQ Securemail

allows you to secure your business from email-borne threats with the dominant cloud email security platform for businesses and parastatals.

SYNAQ Branding

centrally transforms every business email into a targeted marketing and communication engagement.

SYNAQ Archive

is a tamper-proof cloud email archive service that keeps your business email communications compliant with legislation.

SYNAQ Continuity

gives you access to your business emails for up to 30 days when your email server is down.

Local support

World-class telephonic and email support included with all contract types.

The SYNAQ Mail Management Suite provides:

Enhanced security
• Professional and engaging brand identity
• Communication compliance
• Disaster recovery


Proven track record: Established in 2004, SYNAQ is trusted to process and deliver mail for thousands of clients across South Africa, Africa and the globe.

Backed by Internet Solutions: South Africa’s leading ISP acquired a majority stake in SYNAQ in 2011.

Flexible contracts: Fixed-term and monthly contracts are available to meet individual company needs.

Leading punitive SLA: 100% anti-virus and 100% phishing protection against leading South African banks, backed by our money-back guarantee.

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