Hikvision SSD E100 Series 2.5” 512GB

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E Series E100 SSD

The Hikvision E100 provides you with higher storage density, efficiency, and reliability than all the traditional HDDs. Featuring intelligent technology such as the 3D NAND Flash, as well as, SLC Caching and DRAM cache buffer to boost the read and write speeds. The E100 is pushing the envelope further with exceptional performance to ensure that you, the user, can get the most out of your SSD.


3-year Warranty

All products purchased on our website are sold with the standard manufacturer/OEM warranty. Please present your invoice as proof of purchase when claiming any warranty repairs.


In Pursuit of Higher Performance

Upgrade your PC with unrivalled stability, higher efficiency, and rugged reliability. The E100 SSD has the best cost to performance ratio than any other SSD on the market right now. Implementing the advanced 3D NAND Flash technology offering higher storage capacity, more efficient performance, and being able to reliably run read and write speeds of up to 560/520MB/s

Utilizing only the best materials and advanced technologies, the E100 will be able to outperform most of the competition that dares to challenge its power. Boot up your PC faster, get into your games faster, and enjoy the luxury of faster and more efficient performance.


Full Capacity

Built-in LDPC error correction, made of high-end 3D flash, no need to reserve error correction space. Full capacity, full experience.

LDPC error correction can expand the service life of TLC flash largely, extend lifespan, reduce the frequency of replacement


Ready to Upgrade?

If you are looking to replace your HDD with a faster and more reliable SSD then you don’t have to look any further. The Hikvision E100 is the perfect SSD that is built with next-generation technology that offers you amazing value for money as well as great performance. On top of the exceptional performance, the E100 comes with compelling features such as LDPC ECC technology. Let the E100 transform your user experience into a beautifully easy one, only with the Hikvision E100.


Reliability When you need it

SSDs have no mechanical components which mean that they outperform standard HDDs with higher resistance to shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures. Other benefits of the E100 is that it is completely silent, operates without consuming heaps of power, and protects your data at the same time.


What’s in the box

1 x Hikvision SSD E100 Series 2.5” 512GB


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